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Cagle Post: Great Day For Religious Liberty

Monday was a wonderful day for religious liberty and freedom. The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case decided in favor of Hobby Lobby. This corporation was fighting against one of the Obamacare mandates stating employers must provide employees with contraception and abortifacient coverage. The Court upheld and used the 1993 bipartisan bill called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which protects an individual’s right to practice whichever religion he or she may choose as precedent in this particular case. Justice Alito wrote on behalf of the majority in the much-anticipated decision, “We doubt that the Congress that enacted RFRA — or, for that matter, ACA — would have believed it a tolerable result to put family-run businesses to the choice of violating their sincerely held religious beliefs or making all of their employees lose their existing healthcare plans.”

Read more at Cagle Post here. President Obama, We Found Your 'Smidgen' Of Corruption

As if there hasn’t been enough controversy coming out of this Administration’s IRS, the most recent debacle is one for the ages. Last Friday, the IRS put out a statement claiming Lois Lerner’s emails from 2011, which are the focal point of the political targeting investigation, have vanished due to a systemic failure of her computer’s hard drive. This was only the beginning, however. Just a few days later, the IRS investigators claimed six additional hard drives, which happened to be a part of the investigation of the IRS targeting of conservative groups as well, seemed to have also failed and the IRS is now claiming their emails are also “gone forever.”

What’s most disturbing about the claims of vanished emails is the fact that the IRS is fully confident the American people are buying their story. Unfortunately for them, we’re not that naïve. For example: Lois Lerner’s sole statement regarding the IRS hard drive crash and her missing emails was, “Sometimes stuff just happens.” Clearly, this is not a woman who cares that this crucial evidence has vanished. Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that she could have had a hand in the disappearance of these important emails. During the initial hearing of the missing emails, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen stated very calmly that, yes, “the actual hard drive [Lois Lerner’s] after it was determined that it was dysfunctional and that, with experts, no emails could be retrieved, was recycled then destroyed in the normal process.”

It has since been discovered that the IRS did indeed use back-up services from a contracted company named Sonasoft, which is a small Silicon Valley company with connections to – you guessed it – Barack Obama. Even more interesting is the fact that the IRS stopped using Sonasoft almost immediately after Lois Lerner’s hard drive supposedly crashed back in 2011. It would seem that the series of coincidental misfortunes on behalf of the IRS getting its act together, and allowing Congress to complete its investigation of conservative targeting are far more than mere coincidences. However, the arrogance and apparent lawlessness within the IRS are a cause for extreme concern. IRS Commissioner Koskinen has even gone as far as claiming the IRS has “hard drive crashes all the time” and it is due to their “outdated technology” that their systems have these failures. With a budget of $1.8 billion I am very hard-pressed to credit this as even a remotely valid excuse. During Friday’s hearing, Koskinen even went further, asking for pity (which he received from Democrat committee members) because the IRS just doesn’t have the funding to buy adequate technology to keep archives of their employees’ emails.

Read more on here.

Cagle Post: Obama is Throwing Away Iraq

As The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) marches ever closer to Baghdad, President Obama hems and haws about what to do as Iraq burns. It is like a bad Hollywood sequel, we saw this play out in Syria last summer and the net effect is that the ISIS was able to train and equip while America slept.

Remember when Obama famously said “al Qaeda is on the run” and continually assured us that we are no longer at war? Well now Obama is insisting that “the world is less violent than ever.” How can this be accurate when extremists in Iraq are attempting to topple a sovereign nation?

Read more at here. Poor Hillary

On Monday morning, Hillary Clinton began the much-anticipated start of her next presidential campaign – or as she likes to pretend, rollout of her new book: “Hard Choices.” In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Hillary mentioned that she and her husband Bill were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House after her husband served eight years in office.

A few things of note here – as I mentioned on Megyn Kelly’s program on Monday night – Hillary Clinton is completely out of touch with the American people and the challenges they face. The Clintons have always had steady incomes. Hillary was a high-powered attorney at the most politically connected law firm in Arkansas while her husband was Governor of Arkansas for twelve years. She also seems to have conveniently forgotten the $8 million book advance she scored in December 2000, just before leaving the White House. Maybe she misplaced it – like those Whitewater billing records. The millions in debt the Clinton’s were facing was due to legal fees from the various investigations they managed to get themselves into. One of those investigations found that Hillary Clinton gave factually inaccurate testimony under oath.

The Clinton attack machine is going to try and paint this as conservatives attacking her wealth – as Lanny Davis attempted to do with me. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. For Hillary and her liberal allies to run around the country fighting against ‘income inequality’ out of one side of their mouths while at the same time Hillary is claiming she was “dead broke” during a period in which she was raking in MILLIONS upon MILLIONS is hypocrisy at its worst.

Read more on here. The Predictable (And Old) Clinton Playbook

This weekend, senior aides to former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed a group of Democratic foreign policy experts that they want to “move past” Benghazi, and have developed a messaging strategy to close the book on the Benghazi discussion once and for all. We are reminded that with the Clintons, it’s all politics all the time.

A key part of this plan has been the hiring of Tommy Vietor to deal with any and all backlash that comes as a result of the launch of Sec. Clinton’s latest book. You may recall Tommy Vietor as the former NSC spokesman and longtime aide to President Barack Obama. But you will definitely remember him as the man who told Bret Baier, “Dude, [Bengahzi] was like, two years ago!” on Fox News Special Report a month ago.

This hire by Hillary Clinton and her team makes it clear that they are very sensitive about the ongoing Benghazi investigation, and want to use Vietor to coordinate damage control with the Obama White House. The Clinton attack machine is ramping up for sure. Phase one is to attempt to discredit the new Benghazi select committee, which started in earnest last week when former Secretary Clinton said she would likely not cooperate with the investigation because it will amount to a “political slugfest.”

Read more on Cagle here. America's Seniors Have Earned a Tax Cut

Every once in a while, Congress manages to get something right. This is one of those times. The proposed legislation is Senator Rubio’s Let Seniors Work Act of 2014. Current law requires America’s working seniors who are past retirement age to continue to pay Social Security taxes, all while receiving almost no extra benefits in return. Therefore, the way the law is written today encourages some seniors to quit the workforce before they otherwise would have.

As the law stands today, seniors who have reached retirement age and continue to work are forced to pay a 12.4 percent payroll tax. Senator Rubio’s legislation will remove this disincentive to work, and would repeal the Retirement Earnings Test (RET).

Eliminating the 12.4 percent Social Security payroll tax for all individuals 65 and older, will help seniors save more, and allow them to keep more of their money. This tax cut will pay for itself and seniors will most likely respond by working more, thus increasing overall federal income tax revenue. In addition, it allows seniors to save more, making them less dependent on federal programs.

Click here to read more on Some Keys To Success For The Gowdy Committee

This past Friday, Speaker John Boehner finally made a long overdue announcement, one we at Citizens United have been calling on him to make for over a year: The U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote to create a select committee to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi and its aftermath. Mr. Boehner’s decision to have Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a former prosecutor, chair the committee is the right one.

Now that the process for a select committee has been set in motion, it’s critically important that the proper decisions are made in setting the panel up. Having served as an investigator for the Special Committee to Investigate Whitewater in the Senate and as chief investigator for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, here are some points I’d like Chairman Gowdy to consider.

Read more at Here.

Cagle Post: Celebrating Freedom In The Live Free Or Die State

This past weekend, we were honored to host the inaugural New Hampshire Freedom Summit which, as the New York Times put it, was “a gathering of several hundred put together by two of the most influential groups on the right, the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Citizens United.” The event was a complete success, and I am so thankful for all of those who put in the hard work along with us to make it happen.

The line started forming at seven in the morning, outside of the venue, two hours ahead of the start of the Freedom Summit. Activists from all over the Granite State joined us to hear from our stellar conservative lineup, and you could feel the enthusiasm in the room from the moment the attendees started walking through the door. We kicked off the event with remarks from New Hampshire’s own Senator Kelly Ayotte, who gave an impassioned speech about the importance of the elections in November, and how it will shape the future of this nation. She spoke of the importance of saving our economy, how we must repeal and replace Obamacare, and how it is crucial to elect leaders who will adhere to the U.S. Constitution, enabling us to preserve our liberties.

Read more at Cagle Post here.

Cagle Post: The Obamacare Deadline Came and Went, and It is Still Bad for America

The March 31st deadline we were told was concrete, that there was no way it would be pushed back and even that they did not have the statutory authority to do so. Through the honor code, those that allegedly already started the process can check a box and receive more time to do so. Do not hold your breath for strong enforcement. Add it to the other deceptive statements and unilateral changes we have seen all-too-often. This came as no surprise to me. As the deadline neared, another delay seemed inevitable.

Read more at Cagle Post here.

Cagle Post: Coming to ‘Terms’ with Reality on Capitol Hill

It’s no secret here in the United States that Congress is broken and horribly unpopular. Budgets can’t get passed on time, the all-important appropriations process has become non-existent, and the term “regular order” is a thing of the past. Our leaders in Congress on both sides of the aisle ignore our nation’s most obvious problem – our addiction to spending money we don’t have – while focusing on attending parties to fund their own re-election efforts.

Earlier this month, a Fox News poll found that a whopping 67 percent of those surveyed would vote to replace all current Members of Congress with someone new. While that is a startling statistic, sadly it’s essentially meaningless because we all know that will never happen.

Read more at Cagle Post here.

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